Improve English Speaking Skills

If you speak English fluently as a second language, yet have difficulty making yourself understood, I can help you speak English more clearly with the efficient method of the Compton-Speaking English as a Second Language program (Compton-PESL).  I will tailor lessons and daily practice just for you. Whether you have 2 sounds or 20 that give you difficulty, I will give you the tools and techniques to speak Standard American English clearly and confidently.  



Change Your Life


If you are interested in working with a Speech Professional, I offer a few learning options including Self-Study and Direct Instruction programs.  Start by clicking here to complete a Free Speech Screening.  Based on the level of accent, you may need a 7 or 13 week program to address your speech goals.  I also provide an affordable Instructor Guided Self Study Program you can complete at your own pace.



  •  Life-time Subscription to online practice portal. 

7 Weeks
13 Weeks


  • 1 hour Lessons

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Daily Homework Assignments

  • Weekly Email Practice Support

  • $700

  • $1300



  • Complete set of 23 lessons customized to address the most common pronunciation errors made by speakers of your native language

  • No Evaluation needed

  • One 30 minute online session

  • 10 Weeks of  support via email  ($20 per week)

  • Additional email support and/or  lessons provided online at my hourly rate.

Let's find out a little about your speech!

This Free Screening is a quick and easy tool for us to learn a little more about your speech.  There is no obligation to try and your sample will only be heard by me! Once I review your sample we can schedule a free 30 minute session where I will give you my assessment and recommend a plan of how we can work together on your desired goals. Please click HERE for access to the Free Screening!